So, before I babble on about what I feel the best fashion trends are at the moment and whether heels and joggers are a good idea, I feel like I should delve in a bit deeper into me and my life for you just so you can know me a little more. The first topic I’ve decided to talk about is tattoos – Are they a good idea? How many do I have? Are they painful? etc.

Firstly, I’d like to put my opinion across about tattoos. Personally, I Love them! I think they are unique and a fun way to express yourself. Yeah, you are going to be marked for life (if you don’t have laser removal) but I feel like by having them you can always look back on the memory you have from getting it and why you got it at the time. Some people have scrapbooks and photo albums, others have tattoos. However if you disagree with me then that’s fine too, if you don’t like them then great, that’s your opinion and that’s fine with me – a lot of my family don’t like them and most of them don’t have them. Everyone likes different things I guess.

As you have probably guessed, I do have tattoos. I have 5 so far and I love every single one! Most of my tattoos are black and most are rather small. As I show you each tattoo, I’ll let you know why I chose it, where I had it done, how painful it was and anything else I can think of as I go on.

Tattoo number 1:


What does it mean and why did you get it?
Evin & Heval is Kurdish for Love & Friends. This to me makes me think of all of the people I love and care about and also what I feel is important in life. As long as you have your friends/the people you love around you, you know you will be okay. The reason it is in Kurdish is because I have been going to the same resort in Turkey for many years now, where a lot of my friends there are Kurdish, so it has a nice touch for them too. The coloured dots are in the Kurdish flag colours, NOT TRAFFIC LIGHTS! 

Where is it and where did you have it done? 

It is on the back of my neck going down my spine, it is easily covered by a t-shirt but is also easily shown with a vest top. The top of the tattoo is where a round neck t-shirt would sit and the bottom of the tattoo is where a scooped neck vest top would sit. I had this done on my 18th birthday, a present from my god-parents/cousins at Mattoos tattoo studio in Great Sankey, Warrington. Here is a link to their Facebook page: Mattoos Studio (click to see their amazing work and for more information about them) The staff are lovely and the building is open and super clean, got a pretty cool vibe when you walk in.

Was it painful?
At the time it was my first one so the feeling was foreign to me and I worked myself up before I had it done however now thinking about it, this was one of my least painful tattoos. The worst part was the dots at the top of my neck, they pinched a little, however the rest of it was fine. Once you get over the initial pain and feeling its just like a dull pinch. I’d give the pain here a 3/10. I’d recommend this placement to anyone for a tattoo. 

Tattoo number 2:


17273506_1628247293856103_240074505_oWhat does it mean and why did you get it?
This tattoo resembles me and my sisters. I have two sisters called Lolli and Sam. Originally we didn’t expect the tattoo to look like this, at first we all picked a shape each and was just going to get the outline of the shapes in a row, however when we took it to Tom, my tattooist, he asked whether we wanted the tattoo because we liked Playstation, so we scrapped that idea! When we went into Tom on tattoo day we told him we would like a triangle with our initials, expecting an outline of a triangle with out initials tiny on the outside, a bit like a compass, however he came back with this design and we instantly fell in love! This to me is probably one of my most favourite tattoos just because of the meaning.

Where is it and where did you have it done?
This tattoo is on my wrist, and my older sister Sam has the exact same but with the S on the top of the triangle instead of a B. I had this done at my favourite tattoo place, LA tattoo 2 (click the link to be directed to their Facebook page, this is the Widnes one, they also have one in Runcorn) by Tom. Tom is amazing at all intricate tattoos that include a lot of dot work (as you will see in my other tattoo) and he is also amazing at lettering, he has an Instagram which I will now link: Tom’s Instagram (click to see his latest tattoos and designs and also give him a follow!) 

Was it painful?
A lot of people I know have their wrists tattooed however its safe to say I wont be having my other tatted any time soon! The pain near my bones of my wrist was just too much. From what I can remember, I’d give it a 7/10 for pain. 

Tattoo number 3:

Tattoo number 3 is a secret tattoo that not many people know about, its hidden away and is also one I had done when no one knew about it. I can tell you I have a little red outlined heart, but I can’t tell you where it is haha. The tattoo is just a little one for me and my love, it is a very small tattoo and was absolutely pain free! Tom from LA Tattoo was also the one to do it for me. For me it is important for a tattoo artist to make you feel comfortable and to make you feel like you can trust them, which Tom does perfectly! From now on the tattoos I am posting about where all done at LA Tattoo 2, please make sure you go give them a like on Facebook and if you’re considering getting tatted, please consider them. The tattoo studio is in Widnes town centre and is right near to Asda. They are upstairs above the bathroom show rooms and they tattoo in closed rooms so no other customers can see you get tattooed. They put on music and make you feel so comfortable before they begin and will happily give you breaks if you feel it is too much. So for the next few I wont be including where I had it done as you all know its LA Tattoo aha.

Tattoo number 4:



What does it mean and why did you get it?
This tattoo is a Bee, for my nickname Bee. That is basically why I have it. I had always wanted a Bee on me somewhere, but just couldn’t decide where I wanted it, my leg, my back, my hip, my sternum, I didn’t have a clue! Finally I’d come to the decision to have it on my sternum, and just told Tom where I wanted it and gave him a few ideas of what sort of look I wanted. We messaged each other back and to for a few days before I went to get it done,  the more I heard about what he was drawing up, the more I knew I’d love it! Me and my love trusted him with his pencil and paper to doodle away and when we seen it we just fell in love! (I say ‘we’ as this was a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas)

Was it painful?
With this one, its safe to say I’m super glad we don’t have two sternums aha. This was the most painful tattoo I have had, definitely a 10/10 for pain! It is worth it when it is done, if anyone is ever thinking of having it done, but I’m just going to warn you, be prepared for a long process and a LOT of pain! I did have a few breaks because of how long it had taken however I look at it now and it just shows that all of the hours put in definitely made it worth while! 



Tattoo number 5: 


What does it mean and why did you get it?
I guess you could say this is a little bit of a random tattoo. Nathan from LA Tattoo 2, designed this as a flash tattoo. Flash tattoos are basically when Tattoo artist’s draw up a bunch of quirky tats on a sheet of paper and asks on social media if anyone would like it doing. In this case Nathan had this on his sheet and when I seen it I had to have it! It just makes me think of me, it is as though it represents my anxiety (the stormy cloud) but I’m getting through it, and I’m not letting it beat me (the eye). This tattoo is on my lower leg super close to my ankle to be fair and it is my first leg tattoo and Nathan honestly made it a breeze to sit through. Here is a link to check Nathans IG out, please make sure you do: Nathans Instagram his sketches are very much different to Toms, Nathan is into more simple chunky lines, shading and colour. Please give him a follow too on IG, get his name as one of the top people you will get tatted by, you wont regret it! 

Was it painful?
Hmm, this one was painful at the start the rain drops and lightning bolt hurt a little and so did the top of the cloud as we got to a fattier bit of my leg, however overall the pain was about a 4/10, I would definitely get it done again! It did bleed quite a bit and looks quite scabby at the moment because it is still healing, but again, its all worth it in the end. 

Will I be getting more?
I guess only time will tell how many more I will get but I know I’m not done just yet. Who knows when my next one will be, what it’ll be or where it will be. Keep your eyes peeled on my IG to find out more. 

Thank you so much for reading about my Tattoos, I hope it was as enjoyable to read as it was to write and I hope it helps you get some inspiration about having Tattoos. Let me know what you think by contacting me in the tabs above. Also let me know what you would like to read about next! Please don’t forget to give the tattoo places above a little look and also give the lads a follow on IG they are honestly some of the nicest, most talented people I have ever met and I haven’t finished getting tatted by them just yet!



Bee x x x